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 * XDU - X Window System Interface.
 * We hide all of the X hieroglyphics inside of this module.
 * Phillip C. Dykstra
 * <phil@arl.mil>
 * 4 Sep 1991.
 * Copyright (c)  Phillip C. Dykstra      1991, 1993, 1994
 * The X Consortium, and any party obtaining a copy of these files from
 * the X Consortium, directly or indirectly, is granted, free of charge, a
 * full and unrestricted irrevocable, world-wide, paid up, royalty-free,
 * nonexclusive right and license to deal in this software and
 * documentation files (the "Software"), including without limitation the
 * rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense,
 * and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons who receive
 * copies from any such party to do so.  This license includes without
 * limitation a license to do the foregoing actions under any patents of
 * the party supplying this software to the X Consortium.
#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>
#include <X11/StringDefs.h>
#include <X11/Shell.h>

#include <X11/Xaw/AsciiText.h>
#include <X11/Xaw/AsciiSrc.h>
#include <X11/Xaw/Form.h>
#include <X11/Xaw/Label.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#ifndef X_NOT_STDC_ENV
#include <stdlib.h>     /* for exit() */

/* IMPORTS: routines that this module vectors out to */
extern int press();
extern int reset();
extern int repaint();
extern int reorder();
extern int setorder();
extern int nodeinfo();
extern int helpinfo();
extern int ncols;

/* EXPORTS: routines that this module exports outside */
extern int xsetup();
extern int xmainloop();
extern int xclear();
extern int xrepaint();
extern int xrepaint_noclear();
extern int xdrawrect();

/* internal routines */
static void help_popup();
static void help_popdown();

static String fallback_resources[] = {
"*window.width:         600",
"*window.height:  480",
"*help.width:           500",
"*help.height:          330",
"*order:          first",

/* Application Resources */
typedef struct {
      Pixel foreground;
      Pixel background;
      XFontStruct *font;
      int   ncol;
      Boolean     showsize;
      char  *order;
} res_data, *res_data_ptr;
static res_data res;

static XtResource application_resources[] = {
      { XtNforeground, XtCForeground, XtRPixel, sizeof(Pixel),
            XtOffset(res_data_ptr,foreground), XtRString, XtDefaultForeground},
      { XtNbackground, XtCBackground, XtRPixel, sizeof(Pixel),
            XtOffset(res_data_ptr,background), XtRString, XtDefaultBackground},
      { XtNfont, XtCFont, XtRFontStruct, sizeof(XFontStruct *),
            XtOffset(res_data_ptr,font), XtRString, XtDefaultFont },
      { "ncol", "Ncol", XtRInt, sizeof(int),
            XtOffset(res_data_ptr,ncol), XtRString, "5"},
      { "showsize", "ShowSize", XtRBoolean, sizeof(Boolean),
            XtOffset(res_data_ptr,showsize), XtRString, "True"},
      { "order", "Order", XtRString, sizeof(String),
            XtOffset(res_data_ptr,order), XtRString, "first"}

/* Command Line Options */
static XrmOptionDescRec options[] = {
      {"-c",            "*ncol",    XrmoptionSepArg,  NULL},
      {"+s",            "*showsize",      XrmoptionNoArg,         "True"},
      {"-s",            "*showsize",      XrmoptionNoArg,         "False"},
      {"-n",            "*order",   XrmoptionNoArg,         "size"},
      {"-rn",           "*order",   XrmoptionNoArg,         "rsize"},
      {"-a",            "*order",   XrmoptionNoArg,         "alpha"},
      {"-ra",           "*order",   XrmoptionNoArg,         "ralpha"}

/* action routines */
static void a_goto();
static void a_reset();
static void a_quit();
static void a_reorder();
static void a_size();
static void a_ncol();
static void a_info();
static void a_help();
static void a_removehelp();

static XtActionsRec actionsTable[] = {
      { "reset",  a_reset },
      { "goto",   a_goto },
      { "quit",   a_quit },
      { "reorder",      a_reorder },
      { "size",   a_size },
      { "ncol",   a_ncol },
      { "info",   a_info },
      { "help",   a_help },
      { "RemoveHelp",   a_removehelp }

static char defaultTranslations[] = "\
<Key>Q:     quit()\n\
<Key>Escape: quit()\n\
:<Key>/: reset()\n\
<Key>S:     size()\n\
<Key>I:     info()\n\
<Key>H: help()\n\
<Key>Help: help()\n\
:<Key>?: help()\n\
<Key>A:     reorder(alpha)\n\
<Key>N:     reorder(size)\n\
<Key>F:     reorder(first)\n\
<Key>L:     reorder(last)\n\
<Key>R:     reorder(reverse)\n\
<Key>1:     ncol(1)\n\
<Key>2:     ncol(2)\n\
<Key>3:     ncol(3)\n\
<Key>4:     ncol(4)\n\
<Key>5:     ncol(5)\n\
<Key>6:     ncol(6)\n\
<Key>7:     ncol(7)\n\
<Key>8:     ncol(8)\n\
<Key>9:     ncol(9)\n\
<Key>0:     ncol(10)\n\
<Btn1Down>: goto()\n\
<Btn2Down>: reset()\n\
<Btn3Down>: quit()\n\

/*  action routines  */

static void a_quit(w, event, params, num_params)
Widget w;
XEvent *event;
String *params;
Cardinal *num_params;

static void a_goto(w, event, params, num_params)
Widget w;
XEvent *event;
String *params;
Cardinal *num_params;
      press(event->xbutton.x, event->xbutton.y);

static void a_reset(w, event, params, num_params)
Widget w;
XEvent *event;
String *params;
Cardinal *num_params;

static void a_reorder(w, event, params, num_params)
Widget w;
XEvent *event;
String *params;
Cardinal *num_params;
      if (*num_params != 1) {
            fprintf(stderr, "xdu: bad number of params to reorder action\n");
      } else {

static void a_size(w, event, params, num_params)
Widget w;
XEvent *event;
String *params;
Cardinal *num_params;
      if (res.showsize)
            res.showsize = 0;
            res.showsize = 1;

static void a_ncol(w, event, params, num_params)
Widget w;
XEvent *event;
String *params;
Cardinal *num_params;
      int   n;

      if (*num_params != 1) {
            fprintf(stderr, "xdu: bad number of params to ncol action\n");
      n = atoi(*params);
      if (n < 1 || n > 1000) {
            fprintf(stderr, "xdu: bad value to ncol action\n");
      ncols = res.ncol = n;

static void a_info(w, event, params, num_params)
Widget w;
XEvent *event;
String *params;
Cardinal *num_params;

static void a_help(w, event, params, num_params)
Widget w;
XEvent *event;
String *params;
Cardinal *num_params;

static void a_removehelp(w, event, params, num_params)
Widget w;
XEvent *event;
String *params;
Cardinal *num_params;

/* callback routines */

static void c_resize(w, data, event, continue_to_dispatch)
Widget w;
XtPointer data;
XEvent *event;
Boolean *continue_to_dispatch;

static void c_repaint(w, data, event, continue_to_dispatch)
Widget w;
XtPointer data;
XEvent *event;
Boolean *continue_to_dispatch;

/* X Window related variables */
static Cursor WorkingCursor;
static Display *dpy;
static int screen;
static Visual *vis;
static Window win;
static GC gc;
static GC cleargc;
static XtAppContext app_con;

Widget toplevel;

/*  External Functions  */

xsetup(argcp, argv)
int *argcp;
char **argv;
      XtTranslations trans_table;
      Widget w;
      XGCValues gcv;
      int n;
      Arg args[5];

      /* Create the top level Widget */
      n = 0;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNtitle, "XDU Disk Usage Display ('h' for help)\n"); n++;
      toplevel = XtAppInitialize(&app_con, "XDu",
                  options, XtNumber(options),
                  argcp, argv,
                  fallback_resources, args, n);

      XtGetApplicationResources(toplevel, (XtPointer)&res,
            application_resources, XtNumber(application_resources),
            NULL, 0 );

      XtAppAddActions(app_con, actionsTable, XtNumber(actionsTable));
      trans_table = XtParseTranslationTable(defaultTranslations);

      /* Create a simple Label class widget to draw in */
      n = 0;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNlabel, ""); n++;
      w = XtCreateManagedWidget("window", labelWidgetClass, toplevel,
            args, n);

      /* events */
      XtAddEventHandler(w, ExposureMask, False, c_repaint, NULL);
      XtAddEventHandler(w, StructureNotifyMask, False, c_resize, NULL);
      XtAugmentTranslations(w, trans_table);


      /* We need these for the raw Xlib calls */
      win = XtWindow(w);
      dpy = XtDisplay(w);
      screen = DefaultScreen(dpy);
      vis = DefaultVisual(dpy,screen);

      gcv.foreground = res.foreground;
      gcv.background = res.background;
      gcv.font = res.font->fid;
      gc = XCreateGC(dpy, win, (GCFont|GCForeground|GCBackground), &gcv);

      ncols = res.ncol;


      XClearWindow(dpy, win);

      XWindowAttributes xwa;

      XClearWindow(dpy, win);
      XGetWindowAttributes(dpy, win, &xwa);
      repaint(xwa.width, xwa.height);

      XWindowAttributes xwa;

      XGetWindowAttributes(dpy, win, &xwa);
      repaint(xwa.width, xwa.height);

xdrawrect(name, size, x, y, width, height)
char *name;
int size;
int x, y, width, height;
      int   textx, texty;
      char  label[1024];
      XCharStruct overall;
      int   ascent, descent, direction;
      int   cheight;

      /*printf("draw(%d,%d,%d,%d)\n", x, y, width, height );*/
      XDrawRectangle(dpy, win, gc, x, y, width, height);

      if (res.showsize) {
            sprintf(label,"%s (%d)", name, size);
            name = label;

      XTextExtents(res.font, name, strlen(name), &direction,
            &ascent, &descent, &overall);
      cheight = overall.ascent + overall.descent;
      if (height < (cheight + 2))

      /* print label */
      textx = x + 4;
      texty = y + height/2.0 + (overall.ascent - overall.descent)/2.0 + 1.5;
      XDrawString(dpy, win, gc, textx, texty, name, strlen(name));

static Widget popup;

static void
      Widget form, text, src;
      Arg args[15];
      int n;
      Atom wm_delete_window;
      XtTranslations trans_table;

      if (popup != NULL) {
            XtPopup(popup, XtGrabNone);

      /* popup shell */
      n = 0;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNtitle, "XDU Help"); n++;
      popup = XtCreatePopupShell("helpPopup", transientShellWidgetClass,
            toplevel, args, n);

      /* form container */
      n = 0;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNborderWidth, 0); n++;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNdefaultDistance, 0); n++;
      form = XtCreateManagedWidget("form", formWidgetClass,
            popup, args, n);

      /* text widget in form */
      n = 0;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNborderWidth, 0); n++;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNresize, XawtextResizeBoth); n++;
      /* fallback resources weren't working here on the Sun */
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNwidth, 500); n++;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNheight, 330); n++;
      text = XtCreateManagedWidget("help", asciiTextWidgetClass,
            form, args, n);

      /* create text source */
      n = 0;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNtype, XawAsciiString); n++;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNeditType, XawtextRead); n++;
      XtSetArg(args[n], XtNstring, "\
XDU Version 3.0 - Phil Dykstra <phil@arl.mil>\n\
Keyboard Commands\n\
  a  sort alphabetically\n\
  n  sort numerically (largest first)\n\
  f  sort first-in-first-out\n\
  l  sort last-in-first-out\n\
  r  reverse sort\n\
  s  toggle size display\n\
  /  goto the root\n\
  i  node info to standard out\n\
  h  this help message\n\
  q  quit (also Escape)\n\
0-9  set number of columns (0=10)\n\
Mouse Commands\n\
  Left   Goto node (goto parent if leftmost box)\n\
  Middle Back to root\n\
  Right  Quit\n\
"); n++;
      src = XtCreateWidget("textSource", asciiSrcObjectClass,
            text, args, n);
      /* set text source */
      XawTextSetSource(text, src, 0);

      XtPopup(popup, XtGrabNone);

      trans_table = XtParseTranslationTable("<Key>Q: RemoveHelp()");
      XtAugmentTranslations(form, trans_table);

      /* Set up ICCCM delete window */
      wm_delete_window = XInternAtom(XtDisplay(popup), "WM_DELETE_WINDOW", False);
      XtOverrideTranslations(popup, XtParseTranslationTable("<Message>WM_PROTOCOLS: RemoveHelp()"));
      XSetWMProtocols(XtDisplay(popup), XtWindow(popup), &wm_delete_window, 1);

static void

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